Making Magick was created to add the Magick of crystals, tarot and other spiritual practices to more peoples lifestyles. Originally set up as JKR Lifestyles in 2019, the vision for this business completely transformed as Jess’ passion and knowledge of spirituality grew. Jess was unsure of her interest in these topics once upon a time and hid them behind closed doors, but now fully embraces what others would refer to as her ‘woo woo’ side. Making Magick was created to be a safe space for others who are venturing into the side of Magick and Spirituality, and a place for everyone with these passions to come together and bathe in the Magick of it all.   You may be asking yourself wtf is Magick, I’ve heard of magic but why the k? Magic as we more commonly speak of is illusion and the ability to trick what the mind sees. The word Magick was created by Aleister Crowley (1875-1947) and was used to refer to things such as Wicca and Occultism. However, the words true meaning is considered to refer to someone finding their true meaning and connecting with oneself and spirit, and that is why I have chosen to incorporate Magick into my business. I believe everything that we do and choose to sell can help each individual go within and walk their own path bringing them closer to their destiny.