Making Magick with Crystals Workshop Ticket

Making Magick with Crystals Workshop Ticket

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Sunday 17th July 3pm-5pm @ 170/174 Carlisle Road, Northcross, Auckland

This magickal offering has been in the works for some time now and I am beyond excited to be bringing it to life. 

During my time of running Making Magick I have connected with many individuals over our love of crystals and have gifted knowledge on the magick crystals hold. Connecting with you all has led to me opening a container to share my passion and knowledge so you too can experience all the magick crystals have to offer. 

Making Magick with Crystals is for souls who…

Have a passion for crystals 

Are ready to connect with their crystals on a deeper level 

Are seeking more knowledge on how to incorporate crystals into their everyday life 

Desire to make magick 

You will dive deep into…

The history and formation of crystals 

Tapping into intuition to choose crystals for both yourself and other beings

Experience different cleansing techniques to cleanse and recharge your crystal babies

Intention setting; getting your crystals to work with you and for you

Practices to incorporate crystals into your everyday life 

Understanding how to work with different crystal sizes and shapes 

Q&A on all things crystals

Making Magick with crystals is everything you can want and need to connect with these beautiful offerings Mother Earth has given us

You will receive…

A magickal workbook with all the knowledge from the course 

A crystal to add to your collection - intuitively chosen by you 

A wealth of knowledge for both yourself and those souls you choose to share with

If this gets you excited, and you have a passion for crystals then this is for you. 

Early bird tickets are currently available for an investment of $70. 

There are limited spaces available for this event so I can connect with all souls who come. If you are ready to jump in, tell us your favourite crystal in the comments below. 

Online course to come soon for those not in Auckland. 

Love Jess